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Academic Affairs Office

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for the planning, implementation and administration of the institution-wide policies and procedures with regard to the academic profile of the College. It specifically oversees academic programs, instruction, student admission and retention, faculty appointment and development, and academic support services.


The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to fostering a stimulating intellectual environment in which both faculty and students excel in teaching and learning.


The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to create an environment for achievement and fulfillment in a dynamic society through embracing innovative and effective instructional strategies.


  1. Implement a comprehensive educational program designed to prepare the whole student for an integrated life in continuously changing and rapidly advancing world.
  2. Develop all present degree and non-degree programs in terms of quality and scope and initiate new programs designed in response to societal changes.
  3. Integrate technology into teaching and learning process to improve the quality of instruction.
  4. Upgrade faculty competencies to allow them perform their varied roles with confidence and desired level of quality and excellence.
  5. Provide infrastructure to support high quality teaching and learning environments.
  6. Promote standards of commitment to research and extension services of the academic community.
  7. Improve the employability rate and performance of graduates in proficiency tests and licensure examinations.