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That many students are not courteous to teachers, administrative staff and even visitors has been observed in the school many times already.  It’s a value that was taught to us since we were kids.   For instance,  didn’t our subject teachers call us when we were in elementary and high school to stand up and to greet visitors every time they dropped by our classrooms? 

So, what makes it different here in ICC?  From day one, we were taught values embodied by our school’s vision and mission statements.  We were even told to memorize and imbibe such values under the acronym “ICC LEADS” to help us develop into “Total Persons”.  In other words, the school is not remiss with its obligation to teach good values to all its students.  In fact, it has done so much.  

Surprisingly, despite making it as a part of the general students’ orientation, the classroom discussions and in the tarpaulins posted at the lobby, many students do not live with it.    They seem to belong to a different world – lacking sensibilities but full of arrogance.  They go around trying to “be themselves” with slightly any regard for school rules or moral standards.   The thing is, they are courteous only to their previous or present teachers.  Those who were not or will never be, are most often ignored.   That is why sometimes, one wonders if the common courtesy is not so common anymore. 

But, the books say it is a social norm to be polite.  A mere “good morning ma’am or good morning sir” is an acknowledgment of respect to somebody of higher position or age.  Actually, this does not only demonstrate respect, this also prepares students for the real world. So, when they develop the habit of greeting teachers, the administrative staff and visitors they are unknowingly preparing themselves for their future employment.  A boss will surely like subordinates who are courteous and respectful.   

Being courteous also means being polite and treating others with equal respect as we would treat ourselves.  When somebody is polite to us, isn’t it that we also feel good?  So, it creates positive vibes between teachers and students alike.  It is also reflective of our own upbringing and of the school where we came from.  If among a group of students out there in the streets, people recognize us as students of Iligan Capitol College simply because we are known to be very courteous, then this is something to be proud of.   It goes to show that we learned good values in the school. 

However, given the kind of attitude that many students have these days, this could just be wishful thinking.  It’s hard to teach those who are un-teachable.  It’s hard to show them what is good, if what they see in bad is good.   But, who knows?  The world is round, and what may seem to be an end could be the beginning.

So, let’s start calling their attention now.   It’s hard, alright, but it’s never too late.