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Admission to Iligan Capitol College is open to all students who meet its specific standards, requirements and regulations as expressed in the Student Manual. 

To be accepted to study at Iligan Capitol College, interested applicants must apply directly to the school, college, or program where the degree will be awarded.


Admission Requirements 

For a student to be admitted into any ICC  College Program, or course, he/she must be a graduate from a secondary school recognized by the Department of Education, and must possess all the necessary qualifications, institutional or otherwise.

  • The Testing Center allows NO RETAKE of the ICC-CET. Those who failed to secure a passing mark may be subjected to some conditions.
  • Among Freshmen Applicants, the score of ICC-CET will determine the number of loads they are to carry.
  • In case of Transferee Applicants, the score of ICC-CET and the Academic Record from previous institution is deemed necessary for them to enroll in their desired courses.

Transferees may not need to take remedial classes either in English or in Mathematics if they had taken these in other college institutions.  Moreover, they are exempted to get units of remedial classes once they had taken and passed English 1 (Study and Thinking Skills) and Math 1 (Introduction to Mathematics) in other colleges or universities.

Specified Ratings serve as the basis for admission to wit:

  • 80% and above - The examinee is entitled to carry a regular load for a four or five (5) 
  • 75% - 79% - The examinee is entitled to carry 18-21 units in the academic load and is to take remedial classes either in English or in Mathematics depending upon the recommendation of the Testing Officer and the approval of the Dean. The 18 - 21 units shall include the remedial classes.
  • 70% - 74% - The examinee is entitled to carry 18 units inclusive of remedial classes in English and Mathematics.
  • 65% - 69% - The examinee is entitled to carry 15 units inclusive of the remedial classes in both English and Mathematics.


New Students

  • An entering freshman or transferee must take and pass the entrance examination required by all collegiate departments of Iligan Capitol College whether for degree or non-degree programs.
  • The entrance examination is prepared, administered and corrected by the Testing Officer, headed by the Guidance Counselor, who shall determine the date and time of such examination.
  • When enrolling, the following credentials must be brought and presented to the Enrolling Officer, to wit:
  1. Report Card (Form 138-original copy)
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended.
  3. 1x1 I.D. pictures - 4 copies
  4. 2x2 I.D. Pictures- 4 copies
  5. Photo copy of NSO Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate, if married
  6. Physical Examination Result



Students who wish to transfer to ICC must also take and pass the ICC-CET administered by the Testing Officer at the Admission, Guidance Center. At enrolment time, they must bring the following credentials and/or documents:

  1. Honorable Dismissal
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended
  3. D Pictures - 1x1 - 4 pcs; 2x2 - 4pcs.
  4. Official Transcript of Record for Evaluation (if available)
  5. Physical Examination Result

Foreign students who may not fully satisfy the specific requirements or criteria of ICC’s collegiate programs or course may be allowed to enroll provided any deficiency is corrected during the initial semester.

ICC as a matter of policy, reserves the rights to refuse credits for subjects taken in another school especially those whose standards are questionable.


Old Student

Students who studies at ICC in the immediate past semester or summer, must provide themselves with the following credentials on enrollment day:

  1. School I.D.
  2. A Grade Slip containing the grades of the immediate past semester issued by the Registrar’s Office
  3. Final Clearance



A returnee is a student previously enrolled in ICC, but who discontinued his studies and did not finish a degree when he dropped out of college. If the student had already dropped or stopped schooling for a period of one year or more, he is considered like a new student who must take the ICC-CET and must follow other norms enforced at the time of his enrollment.


Enrollment Policy


Late Enrollment

Aside from the specified registration period, a student may enroll and be admitted in accordance with ICC’s rules for late enrollment, but which no case shall exceed two (2) weeks after the official opening of classes.


Official Enrollment

A student is deemed officially enrolled after he/she has submitted all the necessary credentials and documents required of him/her on or before the end of the enrollment period or for the school term; has made an initial payment of his school fees which have been accepted by the Finance Office; an whose certificate or enrollment has been validated by the Registrar’s Office.


Enrollment of Foreign Student

Foreign students may enroll in the undergraduate course upon submission of the Permit-to-Study or student VISA (F9) and upon compliance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Bureau of Immigration and College requirements.

Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment dates are announced far advanced before the beginning of each semester or summer session. A student who wishes to enroll must secure a copy of the prospectus of the course he/she wants to take from the Office of the Regitrar, Admission Office or from the Office of the Dean offering the program he/she wants to pursue. Any additional information may be obtained from the Dean’s Office as well.

Enrollment Proper

  • New Students and Transferees must comply with all the requirements of the Admission Office and should qualify in the ICC-CET before they will be allowed to proceed in the enrollment.
  • Old, new students and transferees must first secure an admission slip from the Admission Office. For new students and transferees, admission slip shall be given only after the student gets the ICC-CET result and an interview by the Admissions Officer.
  • Secure and accomplish the Pre-Enrolment Form from the Dean’s Office and have the same checked and approved once completed.
  • Secure the Certificate of Registration (white form) from the Dean’s Office and have the same checked and approved Pre-Enrolment form.
  • Go to the Assessment Office to have your school dues assessed.
  • Pay dues at the Cashier’s Office.
  • Go to the Registrar’s Office and submit the complete requirements and have your computerized study load validated.


     Schedule of College Entrance Test

     SY 2013-2014    April 2, 2013 – June 8, 2013

     8:00 - 11:00 am  Monday – Friday

     1:30 – 5:00  pm  Monday – Friday