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The Wonders Of Gift-Giving

By: Admin | Posted on: 8/14/2019 4:01:05 AM

Last December 16, 2018, instead of holding the yearly school-wide Christmas party, ICC’s Supreme Student Council  opted to hold a gift-giving activity for Iligan City’s street children at the school’s covered court.

It was a surprise move on the part of the SSC officers, considering that many of the students looked forward to a grand Christmas party.  But, the gift-giving was a very good idea since the street children needed it more than anyone else in ICC. They have been deprived of love, of guidance from their parents, and of a decent life that they so deserved.

By gathering them here in ICC, the street children found themselves in a new environment that was more welcoming to them.   Life in the streets is never easy and at such a young age, they are forced to scavenge and to beg just to survive. That is why, we see street children who have become juvenile delinquents, because they did not have any choice.  Every day, they are faced with financial hardship, isolation, family and community issues. They do not have values because nobody taught them. So, they move from committing petty crimes to rape, assault, molestation and even as drug couriers.

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing for those around us.  But, sharing as has been said, is not only limited to those we love and care for.  It also is for those who are not so fortunate in their lives where we could give a helping hand.  The gift-giving party at the ICC covered court allowed them to enjoy the spirit of Christmas even for a day.  It was a place where they could play, run around and enjoy themselves without thinking of anything else.

Sometimes, we don’t realize how blessed we are as students here in ICC.  We are blessed with a good life, good health, good friends and good family support system.  Yet, we complain about almost everything no matter how trivial it may be. Come to think of it  - for the street children who have nothing, Christmas is a day of sadness rather than of celebration.  That is why it is so noble for the SSC officers to make their Christmas something memorable to them.

At some point in their lives, they need to experience the joy of Christmas day so they could also feel  a sense of belongingness and build a strong bond between the other children and people who are complete strangers to them.  The gift-giving party also allowed them to be with a group of people who would not discriminate them, mock them or even judge them.

It’s a good thing that the SSC officers thought of a Christmas party for these street children.  What generous hearts, indeed. This is one of the wonders of Christmas that should be felt by the less privileged ones.

The SSC officers, through its president Johara Makabangkit should be congratulated for this endeavor because they proved to everyone  that they have hearts worthy of being emulated by the other students.

Surely, ICC  is proud of you.  We only hope that the next set of officers will do the same thing.