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By: Admin | Posted on: 11/15/2018 10:43:54 AM

The Office of the Academic Affairs announced the schedule of the academic advising day for this school year.    This is to ensure that faculty members are  able to build relationship with the students in order to look into their learning and developmental needs.   As such, they are supposed to:

  1. check and update the students’ program of study and their 201 files.
  2. Assist the students in the selection of subjects or courses to be taken for the next semester.
  3. Assist the student in developing an educational plan consistent with life goals and objectives
  4. Remind the students on the academic requirements particularly during graduation which they need to comply
  5. Identify potential or existing problems and help the students deal with them.

 The schedule of the academic days are as follows:


            August 10, 2018         -           Seniors or Graduating

            August 17, 2018         -           Juniors

            September 14, 2018   -           Sophomores

            September 21, 2018   -           Freshmen